Capable complex of Shahid Ghandi Manufacturing Co., with the possession of technical expertise and modern machinery and equipment, in addition to supply telecommunication and power cables in the country and export kinds of wire and cable to neighbor countries, declares its preparation in providing technical and engineering services to the country industries as per following:

1 - Services for partner laboratory in all laboratory services and calibration

2 - Roll Cutting Services:

2-1-Aluminum rolls:

•      Coil internal diameter is between 100mm to 150mm

•      The maximum width of strip is 1200mm

•      Strip area is maximum 2050m

2-2-Polyester rolls:

•      Mother roll's coil internal diameter is between 76mm to 150mm

•      The maximum width of strip is 1000mm

2-3 The Aluminum Foil:

•      Mother roll's coil internal diameter is between 76mm to 150mm

•      Width of the mother roll is maximum 600mm

2-4 Bitumen tape:

•      Mother roll's coil internal diameter is between 100mm to 150mm

•      The maximum width of strip is 1000mm

2-5 Swellable tape rolls:

•      Mother roll's coil internal diameter is between 76mm to 150mm

•      Width of the mother roll is maximum 1000mm

Note: The ability to cut is at least 15mm and cut products re-wind 76mm on the coil


3-Galvanized Steel Tape cutting:

Include galvanized, aluminum, tin-plated steel strip, coated steel tape and copper tape. Thickness of the tapes should be maximum 2mm The mother roll conditions:

•      Maximum width of tin-plated and coated strip 960mm

•      Maximum width of galvanized and copper strip 1000mm

•      Internal diameter of mother roll between 400mm to 550 mm

•      The maximum weight of mother bar 5000kg

•      Internal diameter of cut strips 150mm and 200mrn

•      At least cut strip 25mm and up to 25mm


4 - Binder Re-winder

This machine can handle binder tapes with width of 2.5mm and 3.5mm on the coils with a diameter of (80 internal and 100 external) and (90 internal and 110 external) and with a width of re-winded binder on the 11 cm and 18cm coil and external diameter of 250 mm, re-wind as single binder and coupleThe internal diameter of main binder coil should be 25 mm

5-Quality test of the copper telecommunication cables inaccordance with lEG, ASTM and ........................standards

•      High-frequency electrical test (HF)

•      Low-frequency electrical test (LF)

•      High voltage tests (HV)

•      Continuity tests and short circuit

•      Insulation resistance tests

•      Structure and dimension control of product

•      Determine the type and location of telecommunication cables defect by using defect devices

6-Quality test of the optical telecommunication cables in accordance with IEC, EIA, TIA and .... standards

•      Attenuation test by using OTDR device with -0.01 (db)

•      PMD test by using PMD devices with -0.01 PS/km

•      Dimensional test

•      Thermal cycle for effect of temperature changes on Attenuation of optical cable in the range of -40 0 C till 85 0 C

7-Fusion Splicing

Connecting and fusion splicing of optical fibers

8-Mechanical testing of optical cables

9- Design of industrial specialized laboratories - implementation of statistical quality control systems and self-control designs

10-Providing specification no. for various cables by advanced devices

11-Test of end cap used in the production of telecommunication cables

12-Testing of various materials such as polymers, metals, strips, wires and strings of at least 50 kg Newton and other standard tests

13-Participation in design, installation, training, maintenance and telecommunications network support

14-Network, hardware and software services includes:

Consulting, design and installation of computer networks (LAN - WAN) and internet services (ISP)

equipment service and maintenance services and computer networks

Advice on personal computers, servers, comprehensive management, financial, administrative and network software

Design and implementation of integrated systems of total systems, desktop applications and web applications

Design and setup the information websites and internet services and programming under Windows and the Web

Design of integrated software based on customer specific requirements and lodgment of work flow and office automation systems

15-Provide training seminars in software engineering, management, manufacturing, and marketing and etc.

16- Capabilities of check, feasibility study, design, installation of machinery and factory plant including:

Check the allocated space and layout design of halls production lines, laboratory equipment and accessories, facilities and office and recreation buildings, design and calculation of number and type of machines, the number and expertise of manpower and equipment based on capacity, design of production lines and installed layout of machineries, installation of utilities and building foundation, installation and setup of mechanical and electronic machineries and production lines and preparation project schedules and project progress reports by using the new methods of management and project control

17- Machinery and Equipment Construction

Design, construction and assembly of cable production machines including Twisting, strander and group twiner, rewinder, Winding, Jelly injection tank, Tape and binder applicator, counters, and payoff and take-up

18- Calibration Services

For accurate measuring devices of all industrial units, research centers and laboratories

19 - Mechanical and Electrical Services

Design consultation and implementation of facility, cooling and heating systems, including steam produce boilers, compressed air, heating, fan coil, water coolers and gas coolers, air handlers, chiller, water supply systems, lighting systems, interior phone and repairs,

service and maintenance of facilities for industrial and commercial centers and organizations

20-Planned Systems for Maintenance and Repairs

Design consultation and implementation of planned systems for maintenance and repairs includes preventive maintenance (PM) and total preventive maintenance

(TPM) in industrial centers, information system design, software programming, the visit programs, preventive maintenance, implementation and training of the system


21-Electrical and mechanical maintenance

Design and implement pneumatic and hydraulic systems, machinery and equipment maintenance as overhaul, seasonal, monthly and ...

Design, implementation and reparation of various machinery and industrial equipment, electronic components, mechanical parts, electric motors, electric drives, boards, and pneumatic and hydraulic and pneumatic components,

computers and industrial monitors, sulfides and micro trances and