Cable Technical Specifications

InsulationConductorNo of fibers in loose tubeLoose tubeCentral Strength MemberStrength memberWrapping TapeInner JacketArmorSheathSheath Color
7/0.67mm Stranded bare copper wireXLPE. Thickness is 0.7mm. Outer diameter 3.41mm12 fibersouter diameter: 2.4mm (PE or PVC Sheathwould be used over the loose tube if necessary)1.5mm FRP central strength member with PE/PVC coating if necessaryAramid yarn helically is applied over cable core.Polyester tape is applied over cable corePE, LSOH is optional, thickness is 1.0mmSteel wire armour, size: 0.9mmPE, LSOH is optional, thickness is 1.8mm, nominal outer diameter 17.0±1.0mmBlack

Cable Structure


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