Cable Application

Optical Self- Supporting aerial Cable (OSSC-DJ/Dry)

This type of cable is used in telecommunications and rural areas. The central strength member consists of Fiber Reinforced Plastic(FRP) which may be coated with polyethylen coating for adaptability of tubes and FRP. The Swellable tape and yarns are used for protecting against water penetration. This cable has equipped with a protective corrugated steel tape. This layer protect cable against gun shootings and bird bikes. Used messenger as supporting consists seven stranded galvanized steel wire will be parallel with the cable core. Outer jacket will be of black polyethylene or other requested compounds which covers both the messenger and cable core and make it as figure B

* On the customer request, other cable structures are available to product.

Cable Technical Specifications

Number of tubes1212
Number of filler5454
Number of optical fibers48612
Diameter of the Central Strength Member (mm)
Allowed Pulling Force (N)10000 to 1600010000 to 1600010000 to 1600010000 to 16000
Aprox. outer diameter (mm)16161616
Approx. weight (kg / km)310310310310

Cable Structure

1عنصر مقاوم مرکزی

2روکش عنصر مقاوم (در صورت نیاز)

3نخ جاذب رطوبت

4فیبر نوری


6ژله سرد

7فیلر (در صورت نیاز)

8نوار جاذب رطوبت

9عناصر تقویت کننده میانی

10روکش داخلی


12روکش بیرونی



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