Cable Application

Optical Fiber Cable - Central tube (OFC-CT)

For Cables with fiber up to 12, all fibers inserted in a tube placed in center of cable. For pulling purposes, a layer of aramid or glass yarn will be layed over the tubes. Outer Jacket will be of Black polyethylen , LSZH or other compounds according customer requirements. These cables are sutible for installing on trays, ducts or raisers.

On the customer request, other cable structures are available to product.

Cable Technical Specifications

Parameter1x2 – 1x12
Number of tubes1
Number of optical fibers2-12
Allowed Pulling Force (N)700-1600
Aprox. outer diameter (mm)7-8
Approx. weight (kg / km)40-45

Cable Structure

1فیبر نوری


3ژله سرد

4عناصر تقویت کننده میانی

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