Cable Application

Optical Conduit Unfilled Cable- Dry/single jacket (OCUC)

This type of cable uses swellable tape and yarns for protection againstwater penetration and generally used for duct installation. The centralstrength member consists of Fiber Reinforced Plastic(FRP) which maybe coated with polyethylen coating for adaptability of tubes and FRP.

For protecting against pulling during installation and operation , thearamid yarns have been used in cable structure. The outer jacketwill be made of Black HDPE.or other requested compounds.

* On the customer request, other cable structures are available to product

Cable Technical Specifications

Number of tubes248121224
Number of filler420000
Number of optical fibers12244872144288
Diameter of the Central Strength Member (mm)2.522.5344
Allowed Pulling Force (N)
with Aramid Yarn
without Aramid Yarn
Aprox. outer diameter (mm)131314.5182023
Approx. weight (kg / km)106110140210265345

Cable Structure

1عنصر مقاوم مرکزی

2روکش عنصر مقاوم(در صورت نیاز)

3نخ جاذب رطوبت

4فیبر نوری


6ژله سرد

7نوار جاذب رطوبت

8عناصر تقویت کننده میانی (آرامیدیارن)

9روکش بیرونی

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