Optical Drop Cable

This type of cables are used for connecting the optical distribution boxes to houses in optical networks and FTTx.

According to the applicant require, other cable structures can be produced

Cable Technical Specifications

fiber core2 ~ 8
Cable Dimension(mm)2.0×5.0 2.0×5.6
Cable Weight(kg/km)20-21
Max Load (N) Long Term60
Max Load (N) Short Term120
Bending Radius(CM) Dynamic30
Bending Radius(CM) Static15
Fiber Type(core/cladding dimension)G652D/G657
Fiber ModeSMF
Max Attenuation (dB/km)0.45/0.30
AVG Attenuation (dB/km)0.40/0.25
Storage Operating Temperature (°C)-20 ~ +60