Cable Application

All Dielectric Self- Support Cable (ADSS)

This type of cables consists of no metalic element in its structure. It suitable to install in HV power lines or lay nearby the power cables. The central strength member consists of Fiber Reinforced Plastic(FRP) which may be coated with polyethylen coating for adaptability of tubes and FRP. The Swellable tape and yarns are used for protecting against water penetration. Adequate amount of aramid yarn make it suitable to hang over poles in long spans. The outer jacket will be made of Black anti track compound which is resistance against electromagnetic fields effects.

Cable Technical Specifications

Number of tubes22448
Number of filler44220
Number of optical fibers812162448
Diameter of the Central Strength Member (mm)
Allowed Pulling Force (N)40004000400040004100
Aprox. outer diameter (mm)1313131314.5
Approx. weight (kg / km)105107107110140

Cable Structure

1عنصر مقاوم مرکزی

2روکش عنصر مقاوم (در صورت نیاز)

3نخ جاذب رطوبت

4فیبر نوری


6ژله سرد

7نوار جاذب رطوبت

8عناصر تقویت کننده میانی

9روکش نهایی

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