Cable Application

Aerial Cable without suspension (AC)

These cables connect the distribution boxes or (posts) to the subscribers. Conductors consist of copper wires that are coated with a layer of polyethylene. Insulated conductors are in the form of twisted pair, which are stranded together to make cable core.

Cable core will be wrapped with polyester tape and covered and shielded with an aluminum foil. A drain wire of tin-coated copper will be inserted under aluminum foil for grounding purposes.

The outer jacket will be of black polyethylene.

The pair numbers of these cables are mainly up to 50 pairs but cable with 100 pairs or 200 may be ordered

Cable Structure

1هادی (مس)


3نوار پلی استر

4سیم تخلیه

5فویل آلومینیم

6روکش نهایی

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